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We truly believe that each individual should have their own unique watch that will represent their personal expression. Each watch are carefully handmade and crafted to perfection to cater for each watch collector.
Intricate Art
Master Craftmanship
Highly-detailed, each 3D miniature is painstakingly crafted and hand-painted. Each watch takes about 6-8 weeks to make.
Limited Edition
Handmade and hand-painted with 5 colour variations.
Limited to 20 pieces worldwide.
Breathe the air, taste the nectar, feel the grass beneath your feet, lose yourself in the wonder of it all. Savour the bespoke elegance of nature. The Rebirth Collection from Konnii.


| ⌚Bespoke Timepieces | 🎩 Exquisite Craftsmanship |

Unlock the extraordinary with KONNII, where time isn’t just measured; it’s transformed into a tangible embodiment of your own unique journey. Every tick tells a story, and every KONNII is a chapter in your personal legacy.

KONNII Watch specializes in crafting custom bespoke watches with a twist – a story behind each timepiece. While we cherish traditions, we also embrace innovation, we are rooted in the belief that a timepiece should not only uphold its functional purpose but also encapsulate the very essence of its wearer. At KONNII, we don’t just craft watches; we curate moments, memories, and emotions into a timeless masterpiece.

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Our Vision
To create beautiful and intricate wearable art that will be treasured for generations.

Our Mission
To bring to life our customers’ most vivid memories using the finest materials, time-honoured watch-making techniques and state of the art technology.

One of a Kind

Each record breaking miniatures are painstakingly custom made and placed inside the watch to represent the hours, minute and second dial.

Miniature World

Each  bespoke artpiece are catered specifically to the requirement of the collector. It takes up to 2 months to make a single piece. 

Collectors Only

Each artpiece is sold to collectors from all over the world. We hope to continue creating stunning conversation starters watch for you to enjoy. 

The Artist

Alfred Chia, a Malaysian watch artisan is the visionary founder of KONNII. He first embarked on this journey of watch-making as a tribute of love to his wife. The inspiration all came about when he sought to purchase a watch as a gift for his wife’s birthday. Failing to find a unique watch to his liking despite the many options in the market, he stated that “Many of the watches looked very similar, and nothing really stood out”. Chia then decided to take it upon himself to create his very first pair of custom pieces by dismantling apart a simple watch that he had purchased online. 


His first design was a setting with two koi fishes swimming in a pond, encapsulated in a snowglobe. However, his first design had some faults – the fishes were swimming backwards. Upon its completion, he began wondering what other miniatures could be fitted into the watch, and what other stories could be told through this diorama-arts setting. Over-enthusiast and brimming with ideas, he would then spend late nights creating pieces – from a farm setting with sheepdog herding sheeps to dinosaurs taking over the land. He began sharing his passionate creations on several platforms like Tik Tok, Facebook & Instagram, merely for fun. 

To his surprise, his videos sky-rocketed, gaining the attention of millions of viewers worldwide, intrigued by the miniatures and designs of his watches. Since then, he received numerous bespoke requests from global collectors seeking to purchase their very own piece. With an emerging clientele, where watch collectors, art enthusiasts and namely individuals with interests to craft a bespoke piece with KONNII, the realm of creativity that Alfred has cultivated has brought upon an enriching and merging artistry to the world of watchmaking. Today, Chia is still passionately working on crafting these meaningful timepieces for collectors all around the world, and even named his brand after his very own daughter, Konnii, in hopes that she will, too, pursue her passion in life.

Memories reside in the heart.

The key that opens the door is kept in a secret vault that nobody knows exist. Every once a while, we take out the key, unlock the door and relive our favourite moments. This is our happy place.

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